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Crash Course

Record Label and Studio Management

MUSI 3396

Micah Hayes and Sheridon Cluse

Left to right: Micah Hayes, senior lecturer, guides Sheridon Cluse, senior business major, at the controls. E.J. Calderon, junior music media major, strums his guitar.

Maverick music-makers now have an outlet to explore the business side of the industry through the Department of Music's new Record Label and Studio Management course. In this class, students help run UTA's two record labels and manage every aspect of UTA's recording studio.

Web Extra

Listen to UTA student Caleb Moore's track, "Caught," recorded under the UTA Records banner.

"Record label management allows students to learn, develop, and participate in an active music industry environment," says Jamar Jones, adjunct professor of music industry studies and instructor of the course. "The key is that they will walk away with real-world experience that could be valuable in the job market."

UTA's labels are UTA Records, which releases faculty members' music, and UTA Records X, which is geared toward student-driven releases. UTA has released two albums on UTA Records, and the first release from UTA Records X is in the works. Money earned from the releases is put back into the labels.

"This course is a unique and cutting-edge experience for students," says Dan Cavanagh, interim chair of the Department of Music. "The recording industry is in such transition now that students are actively participating in charting a course into the future for recorded music."

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