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In Memoriam

John U. Martin

John U. Martin

(AS, Electrical Engineering) 80, July 11, The Woodlands, Texas. He worked for Texas Electric Service Co. in Fort Worth in 1955 while attending Arlington State College, now UTA. The company hired Martin, whose career led him to be executive vice president of TXU, where he retired after 42 years.

Reby Cary

Reby Cary

98, Dec. 7, Fort Worth, Texas. Cary was the first African-American administrator at UTA, where he served as associate dean of student life, history instructor, and vocational counselor. Two weeks after he was hired, Cary started fighting racist symbols on campus, such as the Rebel soldier mascot and Confederate flags that flew around the University. He was the first African-American man elected to the Fort Worth school board in 1974 and served in the state House of Representatives from 1979-85.

Zeb Strong Jr.

Zeb Strong Jr.

(’88 BA, Political Science) 54, Sept. 1, Grand Prairie, Texas. During his 25 years at UTA, he held several roles, including director of multicultural services and director of employment services and recruitment initiatives. After his passing, the city of Arlington named its annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service in Strong’s honor: The Zeb Strong Jr. MLK Day of Service.


Bill Findley Jr.
(’42 AS, Science) 96, Aug. 27, Alice, Texas.


Bill Sutton 
(’56 AS, Electrical Engineering) 85, Aug. 28, Tyler, Texas.


Tommy Wayne Foreman
(’63 BS, Accounting) 77, June 20, Grand Prairie, Texas.

Dewey A. Jackson
(’66 BS, Mathematics) 75, Oct. 4, Denison, Texas.

Ronald Mahan
(’66 BS, Chemistry) 89, Oct. 15, Georgetown, Texas.

Richard Allan Merrill
(’66 BBA, Accounting) 74, April 6, Arlington, Texas.

Joe Stedman
(’66 BBA, Business Administration) 78, Sept. 8, Dallas, Texas.

John D. Buckalew
(’68 BBA, Accounting) 73, Aug. 7, Rose Hill, Texas.

Pam DeLeon
(’68 BA, Graphic Arts) 72, Oct. 9, Hillsboro, Texas.

James Loyd Livesay
(’69 BBA, Accounting) 77, Sept. 30, Arlington, Texas.


John Charles Baum
(’71 MBA, Accounting) 89, Aug. 9, Arlington, Texas.

Ethelynn Beebe
(’71 MSW, ’88 PhD, Social Work) 65, Oct. 11, Austin, Texas.

Samuel James Binion Jr.
(’71 BS, MS, Mechanical Engineering) 74, Oct. 17, Arlington, Texas.

William Lee Boomer
(’72 BS, Civil Engineering) 69, Sept. 2, Fort Worth, Texas.

Howard Hollinger
(’72 BS, Architecture) 68, Sept. 5, Dripping Springs, Texas.

Philip Reed Norton
(’72 BS, Electrical Engineering) 69, Nov. 12, Fort Worth, Texas.

Christie John “Chris” Ortman
(’72 BS, Biology) 69, Oct. 6, Nixon, Texas.

Arthur Dewey Dodds III
(’73 BM, Music) 80, Sept. 3, Big Spring, Texas.

Samuel Lawrence Henry
(’73 BBA, Accounting) 68, Aug. 11, El Paso, Texas.

Wendell Tennyson Hill Jr.
(’73 BBA, Business Administration) 72, June 3, Spring, Texas.

Jerry Alan Thompson
(’73 BS, Industrial Engineering) 71, Aug. 8, Weatherford, Texas.

Charles Wesley Jenkins III
(’74 BS, Mechanical Engineering) 67, Oct. 19, Dallas, Texas.

Wilbert Raymond Watson
(’74 BBA, Business Administration) 71, Sept. 19, Dallas, Texas.

Edward Perez Jr.
(’75 BS, Mathematics) 74, Oct. 29, Grand Prairie, Texas.

Stephen Lloyd Wilken
(’75 BA, History) 70, Oct. 13, Arlington, Texas.

Lloyd McCoy “Mac” Ledbetter
(’76 BA, Sociology) 68, May 31, Arlington, Texas.

Steven Wayne Wiggins
(’76 BS, Mechanical Engineering) 67, Sept. 1, Jacksonville, Texas.

Lynn Wallace Bass
(’77 MSSW, Social Work) 92, Oct. 15, Midland, Texas.

Patricia G. Beare
(’78 MSN, Nursing) 67, Oct. 12, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Clarence L. “Kit” Carson
(’78 MS, Business Administration) 99, Sept. 2, Fort Worth, Texas.

Rudolf Reyes
(’78 BBA, Accounting) 80, June 22, Arlington, Texas.

Mark Andrew Caffo
(’79 BBA, Finance) 64, Aug. 25, Carrollton, Texas.

Bettye Wayne Reed
(’79 BSN, Nursing) 81, May 29, Fort Worth, Texas.


Robyn Kay Arrott
(’81 BA, English) 61, June 30, Arlington, Texas.

Michael Alan Oliver
(’81 BS, Architecture) 62, July 25, Eustace, Texas.

Larry Schuessler
(’81 MA, Urban Affairs) 68, Aug. 19, Fort Worth, Texas.

Dexter LeRoy Thomas
(’81 BBA, Management) 60, Aug. 4, Dallas, Texas.

Richard Dean Dumas
(’82, BS, Electrical Engineering) 76, Aug. 12, Richardson, Texas.

John E. Perry
(’82 BBA, Accounting) 86, July 21, Fort Worth, Texas.

James Thurston Bennett
(’85 ME, Civil Engineering) 72, May 18, Austin, Texas.

Ronald Jerry Kinney
(’85 BBA, Marketing) 56, May 14, Fort Worth, Texas.

Joel Dean Walters
(’85 BA, Communication) 57, Oct. 3, Fort Worth, Texas.

Scott Gardner
(’86 BS, Mechanical Engineering) 62, May 7, Arlington, Texas.

Irene Inez Pennington
(’86 BS, Accounting) 55, Aug, 12, Katy, Texas.

Betty Jane Barnes Card
(’87 BA, Psychology) May 23, Fort Worth, Texas.

Jeffrey Ray Culberson
(’87 BA, Physical Education) 55, Sept. 29, Fort Worth, Texas.

Linda Lou Grisham
(’87 BSN, Nursing) 69, Sept. 17, Bonham, Texas.

James Clark McCreight
(’88 BBA, Marketing) 60, Oct. 1, Arlington, Texas.

Margret Ann Davis-Holcomb
(’89 MA, Criminology) 85, May 23, Fort Worth, Texas.


Kathleen Diane Carlton
(’90 BA, Communication; ’92 MS, Public Administration) 66, July 22, Fort Worth, Texas.

Bill Cloud
(’90 BBA, Information Systems) 79, Nov. 13, Lewisville, Texas.

Patrick Lynn Gover
(’90 BS, Information Systems) 49, Sept. 28, Norwalk, Connecticut.

Wendell James Kahler
(’90 BFA, Art) 84, Oct. 12, Jacksonville, Texas.

Dorothea McClain Moore
(’90 MA, Interdisciplinary Studies; ’96 PhD, Humanities) 85, Oct. 8, Arlington, Texas.

Janie Simms Rumberger
(’90 MSSW, Social Work) 78, July 12, Dallas, Texas.

Donna Lea Teston
(’91 BBA, Accounting) 59, Oct. 16, Austin, Texas.

Jack Wrobbel
(’91 BS, Electrical Engineering) 56, June 24, Dallas, Texas.

Frank Andrew Bell
(’92 BBA, Marketing) 63, Aug. 21, Fort Worth, Texas.

Ronald Leroy Hagood Sr.
(’92 BS, Economics) 74, Aug. 29, Dallas, Texas.

Susan Diane Landreth
(’93 MS, Civil Engineering) 58, July 27, Helotes, Texas.

Johnny Wayne Ritter
(’94 BBA, Management) 58, May 16, Plano, Texas.

Kimberly Kay Kvernes
(’96 BA, Anthropology) 47, July 25, Newnan, Georgia.


Franchesca Shavonne Jordan
(’03 BSW, Social Work) 39, Sept. 6, Frankston, Texas.

Thanh Simon Ly
(’07 BS, Chemical Engineering) 45, Aug. 19, Arlington, Texas.

Frank Joseph Faltermeier
(’18 BSW, Social Work) 32, July 21, Dallas, Texas.


Gary Philip Dworkin
70, Sept. 22, Fort Worth, Texas. He taught political science.

Doreen Elliott
77, July 31, Fort Worth, Texas. A Distinguished Teaching Professor, she taught graduate students in social work from  1988-2013.

John Charles Edwards
66, Oct. 28. Colleyville, Texas. Edwards taught accounting and computer science.

Yaa-Yin Fong
61, Nov. 28, Arlington, Texas. She joined UTA in 2016 as assistant vice president of academic resource planning in the Provost's Office. She was the wife of Peter Crouch, dean of the College of Engineering.

Alisa Johnson
52, Aug. 23, Waco, Texas. Her 21-year career at UTA included stints director of graduate recruiting and director of undergraduate and education research.

Fred Dickson Matthews
78, Oct. 30, Dallas, Texas. He coached baseball and football in the early 1970s.

Winford Lee Paschall
73, Sept. 21, Arlington, Texas. He taught government accounting.

Robert Byron Price
86, June 28, San Antonio, Texas. He served as vice president for business affairs 1968-72.

Ruthie Puckett
90, June 23, Arlington, Texas. She worked for 28 years in the College of Business.

Bill Reeves
(’62 BA, History/Business Administration) 76, Aug. 8, Arlington, Texas. A Distinguished Alumnus, he started as an assistant basketball coach and worked his way up as athletic director and compliance coordinator. He worked at UTA from 1966-2012.

Shirley Hoyt Sheets
84, Oct. 2, Arlington, Texas. She worked as a university librarian for more than 30 years.

Jeffrey Sorensen
65, July 9, Arlington, Texas. After 36 years of service, he retired as assistant vice president of Student Affairs in 2015.

Louis D. Stites
80, July 8, Abilene, Texas. He retired after 16 years at UTA.

Pat Dwayne Taylor
74, Sept. 8, Dallas, Texas. He came to UTA in 1992 as director of landscape architecture, retiring in 2013.

Michelle Williams
52, Aug. 23, Mansfield, Texas. She worked for 15 years as an applications support specialist.