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Safer Systems

Better Testing

Researchers boost tech security

Jeff Lei

Jeff Lei, professor of computer science and engineering (CSE), and his partner, Dimitris Simos of SBA Research Inc., were awarded a $585,000 grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology to develop a new approach to testing the security of blockchains and Internet of Things systems.

“Interaction testing for security is challenging because the negatives are often much larger than the positives,” Dr. Lei says. “We are developing an approach that combines interaction testing with other techniques to systematically explore the negatives, then use it to create a more efficient testing system.”

Strengthening UTA’s efforts to support computer security is Sajib Datta, senior lecturer of CSE, and his partnership with Komodo, a leading provider of blockchain technology. Their agreement provides funding for an annual blockchain competition at UTA, two senior design projects, and scholarships for two undergraduate and two graduate students. Komodo also will provide resources for a new course on blockchains and cryptocurrency.

“CSE is a constantly changing field,” says Hong Jiang, CSE department chair. “We owe it to our students to keep abreast of emerging technologies. This partnership could establish us as a national leader in blockchain education.”

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