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Mr. and Ms. UTA

Danny Tran, Senior, Biology
Christyl Doyle, Senior, Broadcast Communications

Mr. and Ms. UTA

What does it mean to be a Maverick?

Danny Tran: Celebrating each other’s diversity, accomplishments, and joys! We are a large school, but we are also one big family that supports one another.

How would you describe campus life?

Christyl Doyle: Super-unique. We’re able to connect with individuals from all over the world and learn about their cultures.

Why did you want to be Mr./Ms. UTA?

C.D.: I joined the UTA Ambassadors program and found it so exciting to plan fun events and serve as an official campus hostess. After joining, it inspired me to run for the Ms. UTA position, because it would give me the opportunity to serve as the co-president of the organization.

D.T.: My whole life I was a shy and timid person and I thought to myself, “If I were Mr. UTA, this would be the breakthrough I needed to show people that I’m not afraid to step outside of my comfort zone and to show other students like me that they could do it, too.” So far, being Mr. UTA has been the best experience of my collegiate career!

UTA has changed a lot over the years. What would you tell alumni who are interested in reconnecting with their alma mater?

D.T.: I would tell them to come back during Homecoming! Homecoming is a long-standing tradition here at UTA—a whole week full of fun activities. What better way to end Homecoming than by cheering on our athletic team and YOUR alma mater?!

What’s one thing that would surprise someone who isn’t so closely connected to UTA?

C.D.: It’s actually a FUN place to be. A lot of people have this perception that it’s a commuter school and is solely about academics, but that’s just not true. There’s a whole other side of it that you can connect with through campus involvement.


Maverick spirit keepers

Mr. and Ms. UTA are elected co-presidents of the UTA Ambassadors program each year during the spring campus elections. In addition to overseeing the Ambassadors, Mr. and Ms. UTA represent the University at campus and community events.

Maverick Spirit Keepers

UTA Ambassadors are a diverse, engaged group of students selected by the student body in campus elections. They are charged with maintaining and promoting new and old campus traditions, increasing awareness of UTA’s services, programs, and activities, and establishing and strengthening pride and passion for UTA on and off campus.

Signature Ambassador initiatives include:

  • The Spirit Horse project
  • The Maverick Way
  • Maverick of the Month
  • MavSwap
  • Paint the Town Blue
  • Spirit Week

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