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Business Laboratory

Students get hands-on finance experience

Business Laboratory

FROM LEFT: College of Business Dean Harry Dombroski, Sam Mahrouq, and Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams

Sam Mahrouq (’91 BA, Journalism) discovered his calling in the business world by purchasing a vehicle and shipping it to his brother overseas. Selling the car for more than it cost to purchase and export, Mahrouq had an epiphany: Why not pursue the car business? Since then, he has owned and operated multiple car sales operations.

Mahrouq and his family have been living the American dream for more than 25 years and are now providing opportunities for students at UTA to pursue their own dreams. The Sam Mahrouq Financial Markets Lab was born from his unique experiences that demonstrated to him the need for hands-on, practical training—the kind that sets UTA's business students apart.

Students in the lab, which is equipped with Bloomberg terminals, have the rare opportunity to watch, in real time, the concepts they learn in textbooks as they shape trends in the financial markets. It is a place of invention, where students explore and create firsthand knowledge of finance best practices.

“The lab is essential in providing Bloomberg terminals, which enhances learning as it provides a real-world environment for the students,” says Thomas Thompson, clinical associate professor of finance and real estate. “Having Bloomberg certification will provide a leg up for student placement.”

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