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Dominique Lange

Interdisciplinary Studies Junior

Dominique Lange

Your interdisciplinary studies degree focuses on leadership, law and legal studies, and political science. Why was this the path for you?

I intend to pursue a law degree, but I struggled to find a major that would simultaneously prepare me for a career in law while touching on other interest areas. An interdisciplinary studies degree allows me to be academically curious while providing me with the knowledge I will need to succeed in the near future.

What are you looking forward to in the coming academic year?

This fall, I will have the opportunity to live, learn, and intern in the nation’s capital as a Bill Archer Fellow. This experience will provide me with invaluable insight on how to pursue my mission to counsel, serve, and educate communities that are affected by realities beyond their control. I have also been offered placement in UTA’s Undergraduate Research Opportunity program. I will be receiving funding to conduct my own independent research, which focuses on African American women voters.

What sort of work have you done in the community as a UTA student?

Through my work with the Catholic Charities of Fort Worth Immigration Services Division, I saw firsthand how providing free consultations to immigrant members of the community could provide insightful information on how to remain or become a law-abiding citizen. I got to watch closely as lawyers were able to help and support migrant workers seeking to become legal residents or citizens.

Why are you passionate about law?

I realized from an early age my passion for human life and the rights we are granted upon being born. As I evolved in my knowledge of nations and the effects borders can have on our rights, I developed a deep desire to defend and protect the rights of individuals regardless of gender, race, or creed. I want citizens to know that knowledge of rights is the most powerful tool in today’s society. My career goal is not to make the most money or have the winningest case rate, but to touch a life.

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