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The Appalachian National Scenic Trail, crossing 14 states from Georgia to Maine

Following Mavericks as they travel the world

The Appalachian National Scenic Trail
Graham Feil on top of mountain
Graham Feil backpack


Graham Feil (’19 BS, Civil Engineering)


Five years of preparation and a three-hour plane ride.


“I always looked at this six-month hike as a period of change in my life and in myself, a time for self-reflection and independence, and an adventure before starting my career. I wanted to live an alternative lifestyle, build confidence in my abilities, and connect with other hikers.”

Lessons he took back home:

“In the face of adversity, we can always choose how to react. Patience and mindfulness will lead to peace within yourself. Surrendering when we lose control gives us control. Living outside of your comfort zone will expand your comfort zone. Everything is in walking distance.”

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