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India, South Africa, Brazil

Following Mavericks as they travel the world

Photo of Brazil


Thy Tran, senior, biology major

Thy Tran in India


“I didn’t think it was possible because I was so close to graduating, but pursuing a minor in disability studies encouraged me to explore the options of going abroad. Through a Gates Millennium Scholarship, I was able to study abroad with the School of International Training/International Honors Program.”


“I was interested in learning more about the role of public health and dentistry in the global context and how the forces of globalization impact health and health care. I also wanted to go abroad because it was a great chance for me to step outside of my comfort zone and enrich my life both inside and outside of the classroom.”

Lessons she took back home:

“It is increasingly important to improve our abilities to listen and understand those with different backgrounds. This program challenged me to examine my worldview and my own values, but it also gave me a new enthusiasm and gratitude. I’ve learned to embrace ambiguity and tackle whatever obstacle life may throw my way.”

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