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Blaize LaFleur

Junior, Political Science, Student Body President

Blaize LaFleur

Why did you choose UTA?

I knew a few things that I wanted in a college: a large school, a big city in Texas, and most importantly, a population of students who looked like me. UTA checked all those boxes. Additionally, I received an academic scholarship. Once I got that email, my decision was made. I come from very humble beginnings, so my family didn’t have anything to contribute to my education money-wise. That scholarship saved me from many loans and debt, and I am still grateful for it to this day.

What did it mean for you to be elected student body president?

Looking at the history of the presidency put things into perspective for me. There have been only five Black student body presidents in the history of Student Government at UTA, with Texas Senator Royce West (’74 BA, ’79 MA Sociology) being the very first. On top of that, I am the first Black student body president at UTA in 34 years. Winning the election wasn’t just a win for me, but the entire Black community at UTA. Moreover, I am extremely grateful to represent 40,000+ students during a time when we need leadership the most. Between living through mass protests, a global pandemic, and still going to college, students need someone who will advocate for them. I’m glad to be that person.


What do you hope to accomplish as president?

I want to make a positive impact on our campus and the Arlington community. There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and students are having to do more than usual to accomplish the same things. If I can impact any students in a positive way, then I consider that a successful term.

Has COVID affected or changed your goals?

COVID hasn’t changed the essence of my goals, but I definitely had to scale back some of the ideas I had. Now, I am more concerned with ensuring students still get to have the college experience they desire and the resources they need on campus, as well as providing support and advocacy throughout the pandemic.

What’s next for you?

I’m set to graduate in May 2022, so I still have some time left before post-grad life. Attending a law school on the East Coast is a dream of mine. I’m not sure what kind of law I would like to practice yet, so I’m keeping my options open. I am very interested in government and politics, so one day I hope to serve my community through holding public office!

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