The Future Of Business Is
Data Intensive

August 2014
While data mining has been around for a while, the amount of data that firms are faced with is growing exponentially. No longer reliant on focus groups or customer surveys (although those tools are still useful), firms can now analyze large datasets of their customers’ previous purchases, “clicks” through a site, and responses to customized advertisements. Amazon has used this kind of information to build effective recommendation systems, while others have mined Twitter data, or used distributed information from cell phones to predict traffic slowdowns.
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News & Events

New Associate Deans, Chairs Appointed in the College of Business

Sept. 2, 2014
Dean Rachel Croson announces the appointment of Dr. Greg Frazier to Associate Dean for Faculty and Research, Dr. Chandra Subramaniam to Associate Dean for Students and Programs, and Dr. David A. Mack to Associate Dean for Executive Education and Communication. Dr. Mary Whiteside will serve as Interim Department Chair for Information Systems and Operations Management and Dr. Jennifer Ho will assume the role of Interim Chair for Accounting.

Dr. David Gray to Return to Management Department Faculty

Sept. 2, 2014
David Gray, Ph.D., longtime associate dean of the College of Business, has decided to step down as associate dean and return to the management department faculty as of Sept. 1, 2014. Learn more...