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Registration Instructions

Registration is completed by logging into IMLeagues with your NetID and password. Click on the image below to register!


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Need help logging in? 

Login walkthrough download

Need help creating/paying for a team?

Payment walkthrough download


"Free Agent" Note:

Signing up as a free agent does not guarantee you a spot on a team. Captains rarely look at the free agent list here on IMLeagues – therefore, the impetus for you being on a team relies on you! Most captains would welcome another team member – however, they need to know you are available first.

Here are a number of options to help you potentially join a team:

1. Go to the division you’d like to play in on IMLeagues and click on a team and then view the captain’s contact information. Send them a text or an email letting them know you are available to play!

2. Show up to the games! When the regular season starts, each team’s games will be on IMLeagues. View the game time and show up to the field/court and talk to the teams, asking if they need extra players. Many captains will bring you in right then and there.

3. Contact other free agents in the free agent pool. Often a few free agents can get together and make a team, bringing the cost per person down very low.

With all these options, we hope that you’ll be active in looking for a team. If you have any questions, please email!