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Intramural Sports Rules

The rules for the major team sports are available below. Rules for any sport not listed are available by request by emailing

Flag Football – Intramural Sports offers 7 on 7 Flag Football in the fall semester and 4 on 4 football in the spring semester. CoRec rules are included in the 7 on 7 rule file.

7 on 7 Flag Football (pdf)
4 on 4 Flag Football (pdf)

Softball/Kickball – Slow pitch softball is offered in the spring and summer. Kickball is offered in the fall.

Softball Rules (pdf)
Kickball Rules (pdf)

Basketball – Basketball is offered twice a year. Students can play 3 on 3 half court basketball in the fall and 5 on 5 full court basketball in the spring.

Basketball Rules (pdf)
Outdoor Basketball Rules (doc)
3-on-3 Basketball Rules (pdf)

Volleyball – Intramural Sports offers indoor volleyball in the fall semester and sand volleyball in the spring semester.

Volleyball Rules (pdf)
Sand Volleyball Rules (pdf)

Soccer – 5 v 5 Indoor soccer leagues are offered in the fall and 10 v 10 outdoor soccer leagues  are offered in the spring.

Outdoor Soccer Rules (pdf)
Indoor Soccer Rules (pdf)


Dodgeball – Dodgeball is offered in the spring semester only.

Dodgeball Rules (pdf)


students racing in a bed

Bed Races

Imagine teams of students pushing beds on wheels along football stadium turf! That’s exactly what you’ll find at the annual Bed Races, which started in 1980 to celebrate the opening of Maverick Stadium.

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