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The Place for Parking The Place for Parking

The parking garages in College Park were built to accommodate both the University and greater Arlington communities. They also provide space for First Baptist Church of Arlington, which donated land to make the project possible.

With space to fit 1,800 cars, the garages feature the latest technology to help ensure safety and security, including numerous video cameras and emergency call boxes. Two items in the north lot also demonstrate UT Arlington’s continuing commitment to creating a sustainable campus: a free, public charging station for electric vehicles and a system of upper-deck solar panels that provide shade and will form the largest carport-style photovoltaic energy system in Texas.

When complete, the photovoltaic system will generate enough energy to offset an estimated 30 percent of the energy use at the mixed-use College Park development. The system is funded through a $1.8 million American Reinvestment and Recovery Act grant.

The electric vehicle charging station is located in the southwest corner of the first level. From UTA Boulevard, enter the garage and turn right, then turn left. The station is suited for the Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf and other electric models.