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Cross Timbers Procurement Center

Cross Timbers Procurement Center (CTPC) helps companies find contracts for work with local, state and federal governments. Our mission is to increase the number of contracts awarded to companies in the 61 county service area resulting in increased revenue and jobs in the area. Based at the University of Texas Arlington, we provide one-on-one counseling, events and up-to-date research in everything that has to do with selling to government agencies.


The Government Procurement Conference (GPC) on August 7, 2015 brought two Cross Timbers Procurement Center customers together for the first time, or did it? Lynda Harrell (G Systems' CEO and Founder) shows off impressive testing equipment manufactured by her company to Randal Williams (Aluma Graphics President). Notice on the right side in the center of the equipment a "Nameplate" which identifies certain aspects of the equipment. The nameplate was manufactured by Randal's company, Aluma Graphics. It was nice for them to finally meet in person. G Systems is a Woman-Owned Small Business and a Cross Timbers 3rd Party Contributor. Aluma Graphics is a Minority-Owned Small Disadvantaged Business. Further, Randal is a former Dallas Cowboy and holds the record for fastest touchdown in NFL history to start a game. Does Cross Timbers have the coolest customers or what?

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