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We help companies prepare for contracting with local, state and federal governments. Our mission is to increase the number of contracts awarded to companies in the 72 county service area resulting in increased revenue and jobs in the area.
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Change is Here

The procurement technical assistance program (PTAP) is now under the management of The Department of Defense (DOD) Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) and has changed its name to APEX Accelerators.

The 95+ centers have transitioned to the new name. Our mission is to support the Department of Defense National Security and small business strategies. This paradigm shift has impacted the way we do business and provide technical assistance to our clients. The shift includes:

  • Limited assistance to newly formed companies that do not have innovative solutions for the war fighter.
  • Technical assistance is only provided to those companies that are in the Defense and Government Industrial Base (DIB/GIB) as well as, those companies wishing to enter the DIB/GIB who have demonstrated past contracting performance and sound financial capabilities.  
  • Assistance with SAM registration, socioeconomic applications and other client needs are limited to those companies that are DIB/GIB ready. 



Register Your Business

If you meet the criteria below, become a client of Cross Timbers APEX Accelerator and submit the application form to request assistance.

Defense Industrial Base (DIB)

The worldwide industrial complex with capabilities to perform Research and Development (R&D) and design, produce and maintain military weapon systems, subsystems components or parts to meet military requirements.

Government Industrial Base (GIB)

The worldwide industrial complex with capabilities to perform (R&D) and design, produce and maintain local, state, and/or federal government (except military) requirements.

DIB/GIB Ready Criteria

  • Has necessary business controls and skills to perform on contracts.
  • Has established a capability statement and competitive marketing strategy.
  • Has completed vendor registrations at System for Award Management (SAM), state, and/or local government registration systems.
  • Is aware of applicable FAR, state, and/or local regulations requirements.
  • Understands and is progressing toward required cybersecurity compliance.
  • Recognizes potential for certified business status (e.g., SDB, HUBZone Business, SDVOSB, WOSB, state/local equivalent, etc.) and has applied or self-certified, as appropriate. 

Reference FAR Part 9 – Contractor Qualifications –

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Upcoming Events

Cross Timbers APEX Accelerator offers many training webinars and networking events throughout the year.