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Welcome from the Director

As chief executive of the Howard Hughes Corporation, John Goolsby succeeded by standing firm on a strong foundation built of character, Mr. Jerry D. Hubbardintegrity and courage. John recognized that leaders who truly make an impact on their organizations are bound by strong ethical values, a cornerstone principle at The University of Texas at Arlington’s College of Business. This shared vision conceived the Goolsby Leadership Academy, which was created as a forum for young scholars to discover their full potential through a “strength-based” approach to leadership development.

Established in 2003, the Goolsby Leadership Academy is a vital institution within one of the nation’s largest and most prolific business schools. Here, the Academy Scholars interact with distinguished business faculty and executive leaders from across the nation who share their wisdom, inspire and mentor our future business leaders.

The Academy brings together a cohort of the college’s best and brightest undergraduates to prepare for the lifelong journey of leadership. The Academy’s approach favors both self-discovery and learning from example, challenging its scholars to overcome boundaries and hone their professional know-how.

As the Director of the Academy, I am especially proud of the level of excellence the Goolsby Leadership Academy continues to achieve. Through our Goolsby Scholars, I see an extraordinary future that abounds with promise. Tomorrow’s leaders will face many challenges, both familiar and unknown, but they will be prepared and poised to achieve greatness in their own right.

Jerry D. Hubbard, M.S.
Director, Goolsby Leadership Academy