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Fall Leadership Retreat


September 11 - 13, 2015

Lakeview Camp and Conference Center

The Leadership Center’s annual Fall Leadership Retreat is a beloved UTA Tradition. This off-campus retreat allows students to learn more about who they are as leaders, build their personal leadership skills, and make friends through small groups and fun activities throughout the weekend. This retreat typically includes educational breakout sessions, passionate and engaging keynote speakers, hands-on activities that help build your leadership skills, and time for networking with other campus leaders. The retreat is designed to impact everyone - from emerging, to accomplished leaders - so all UTA students are encouraged to register.

This year, the Fall Leadership Retreat will focus on "Resilience" in leadership development. In life and leadership, things don’t always go according to plan. But resilient leaders have the skills to learn from mistakes, lead groups through difficult situations, and turn past failures into future successes. Working with small group leaders, students will have the opportunity to push the boundaries they have set for themselves.

Fall 2014 Leadership Retreat Comments:

“It was amazing, inspiring, and fun! Thanks for the experience!”

“The experience was awesome, I met new people and learned so much from each other. I also loved how every participant is empowered by the group leaders. Thank you!”

“Leadership Retreat was awesome!”

“This is the best way of showing how to be a leader.”

“I loved the Fall Leadership Retreat. I wish I would have attended past years. It was so much fun, I got out of my comfort zone and actually made great connections with new people.”

“I had a blast! I am glad to have gone for my fourth and final retreat!”

What To Do and Bring for the 2015 Leadership Retreat.


The Adult Release and Indemnification Agreement and Lakeview Waiver forms are now required to be signed at check-in per risk management policy. Thank you! If you are 17 or under, please email for the minor forms to have completed by a parent or guardian before Thursday, September 10th. 


(IMPORTANT) Just a reminder - if you cancel or no-show and have registered and paid for the 2015 Fall Leadership Retreat, your MyMav account will be charged an additional $100 cancellation/no-show penalty fee to cover all lost investments incurred by The Leadership Center (which includes your transportation, lodging, meals, portfolio, t-shirt, etc). There will be no penalty if you cancel on or before September 4, 2015 by 5:00 p.m. No refunds will be given.