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Alternative Break Guidelines

Before attending any Alternative Break trip, participants are required to sign an agreement to the following policies and expectations. Online agreements are available for participants to sign approximately one semester before their trip.


    - Attend all meetings/educational sessions held before the trip

    - Fully participate in educational and reflection activities and meetings prior to the trip.


    - Students must use the transportation to and from the service location that is provided by the Alternative Breaks Program.

    - Abide by all rules and policies of an Alternative Breaks participant.

    - Follow the no alcohol and drug policy.

    - Fully participate in educational and reflection activities during the trip including staying for the duration of the trip.


    - Participate in post-trip orientation and reflection activities.



Students who do not follow the below agreements may be subject to removal from participating on the trip either before or during the trip. Students who are removed from the trip due to noncompliance of Alternative Break policies are not eligible for a refund of any kind. Students who do not follow Alternative Break policies during the trip may be sent home immediately at their own expense. After the trip, the student will be subject to any sanctions of the Student Conduct Office.


    Being an Alternative Breaks participant requires time, energy, and commitment. By signing this statement, I am agreeing to invest that time, energy and commitment if selected to attend the ASB trip in order to meet all of the requirements stated above.

Payment and Cancellation Policy:

    I have read the above participant responsibilities and if chosen as a participant I am able to commit to participating in an Alternative Break trip. I understand that if I cancel, I will forfeit any deposits and/or balances that have been paid. If chosen as a participant, I agree to pay the balance for the trip that I am participating in by the deadline.


Refunds are given under extreme emergency circumstances only such as cancellations due to emergency medical issues or death of an immediate family member. Under these circumstances proper notification such as a doctor’s note or similar documentation must be provided in order to receive a refund.

Alcohol/Drug Free Policy:

    The Alternative Breaks program promotes an alcohol and drug free philosophy. This prohibits alcohol consumption or illegal drug use by anyone, regardless of age, participating in the Alternative Breaks program. Drinking during any trip represents a major liability to the program and is inappropriate when dealing with the social issues of Alternative Break sites. Any participant who does not follow this policy will be asked to leave the program immediately, and return to his or her place of residence at their own expense.


    I understand that The University of Texas at Arlington, The Division of Student Affairs, and thus Alternative Winter Break, prohibit discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or veteran’s status and are also committed to maintaining an environment free from harassment and retaliation.


    I understand that The University of Texas at Arlington, The Division of Student Affairs, and thus Alternative Winter Break has a zero tolerance policy on hazing. I will not engage in hazing, participate in hazing, or commit any act that causes or is likely to cause bodily danger, physical harm, and personal degradation or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm to any fellow participant or person.

Behavior & Language

    As an admitted student and/or student leader representing The University of Texas at Arlington, I understand that I am held to high standards and will be held accountable for any disrespectful, dishonest, destructive, or violent behaviors. As a representative of the University, I also agree to use language that is appropriate to a professional setting.


Phone: 817.272.0477