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Saturday 2/22/2014, you can watch the following wheelchair basketball games in Alabama on ESPN3 online.

4:30pm - Missouri vs. Alabama

6:45pm - Illinois vs. Alabama

10:30pm - UTA vs. Alabama

Check out some photos on the Shorthorn website from the tournament this past weekend!

The Push America group came to UTA for an exhibition game with the Movin' Mavs. Click here to see the pictures from that event.

Check out Movin' Mav involvement in the Community where they give back to injured service veterans through camps and clinics used to introduce them to sport and sport organizations in addition to providing opportunities for recreational and competitive outlets to participate in sport.

Congratulations to UTA Graduate and Movin’ Mavs Alumni Willie Hernandez for being inducted in the 2013 National Wheelchair Basketball Association Intercollegiate Division Hall of Fame!

Willie was the first scholarship athlete with the Movin’ Mavs in 1989 and got his degree in Mechanical Engineering at UTA in 2004 with three National Championships!  He opened and runs Per4max wheelchairs as a result of his Sr. Mechanical Engineering project at UTA.  Per4max wheelchair is one of the most respected and largest sport wheelchair companies in the world!



Check out pictures from the December 2012 tournament here.

Check out a video of Jermell Pennie here, and a video of the Movin' Mavs in action by Jeremy Schack. 

Congratulations to Movin' Mav Freshman Logan Shaw who has been selected as a representative for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons new campaign to encourage people to get back into life after Spinal Cord Injury. Congratulations Logan!


UTA hosted a game between the Dallas Junior team, and the FreeWheelers D3 team in September, check out some pictures from that event by clicking the link below.


Check out the latest Movin' Mav stories in the Shorthorn Sports section!

News piece about the Movin' Mavs upcoming season. September 28, 2012

Link to story:

Pioneering doctor remembered for Paralympic idea. 

Aug. 28, 2012

Link to the article: 

"UTA Gives Injured Veterans Outlet With Sports?" - Aug. 8, 2012

Update Monday, May, 7 2012

Congratulations to the 2012 Army Warrior Games Team for their Gold Medal win in Wheelchair Basketball!

  • 54-34 in Wheelchair Basketball over the Marines
  • Movin' Mavs players Juan Soto, Blake McMinn and Anthony Pone played on the Army team.

UTA Movin' Mavs Anthony Pone and Juan Soto both received a Gold Medal in Shot Put! 

Congratulations to Movin' Mavs Sophomore Austan Pierce for his selection by the Spanish Faculty to be recognized for an Outstanding Performance in Spanish Award!  GO MAVS! 

Congratulations Rolf (Rock) Acklin for 2012 Gold Medal and College Division National Champion at 2012 College Table Tennis National Championship - Wheelchair Division, and to Juan Soto, Bronze medal and 3rd place finish!  GO MAVS - UTA Rocks! 

Movin' Mavs player Rolf Acklin, selected by the faculty in the German Section of the Department of Modern Languages to receive a scholastic achievement award in German this year!  

Austan Pierce, selected by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics as a 2012 Scholar Athlete! 

Take a look at this year's Movin' Mav Summer 2012 Camp Brochure

Movin' Mavs bhost Homecoming Wheelchair Basketball Tournament and Junior Southwest Conference Championships 2/10-12

Former Movin' Mav athlete, Randy Snow, is honored by the Paralympic Order

View the latest Movin' Mavs game and training videos here, updated 11/2/2011

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