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Movin' Mavs game

Sponsorship and Support

Through the years, The University of Texas at Arlington has provided dozens of young athletes with disabilities the opportunity to represent the University at the highest levels of athletic competition through the Movin’ Mavs Wheelchair Basketball Team. The Movin’ Mav Club has been formed to help continue this support and continue the athletic and academic traditions started in 1977 by Coach Jim Hayes and The University of Texas at Arlington.

Support can come in many ways; scholarships, travel and operating costs continue to rise above and beyond the reach of current budgets.

General Support (Uniforms, equipment, supplies, support programs/tutoring)

Adopt an Athlete (request that your support benefit a specific Athlete for one year of travel and support costs, approximately $7,500 per athlete per season.) 

Adopt a Tournament (request that your support go towards team travel and expenses for a specific tournament. Cost per tournament varies from approximately $5,000 to over $10,000.)

Tournament Sponsor

  • Conference Tournament at University of Arizona 
  • Conference Tournament at University of Alabama 
  • Division Tournament at University of Missouri Columbia 
  • Conference Tournament at UTA
  • College Division National Championships at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 
  • Jim Hayes Memorial Scholarship (Annual support providing an Intercollegiate Competitive academic and athletic experience for a Movin’ Mav player – approximate costs for ‘08-’09 season is $16,200).$5,000+ $3,500+ Club $1,000 Club $750 Club $500 $250 $100 $25 
  • In Kind Donation

Membership and participation in the Movin’ Mav Club will give you the opportunity to be a part of the legacy of Coach Jim Hayes and the tradition of UTA Wheelchair Athletics. Being an active part of this legacy will help sustain the Movin’ Mav program, our athletes and our staff by providing the tools and programs necessary to ensure that our athletes can grow, achieve and carry on the winning traditions. 

To make a gift, please contact Doug Garner at

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Adopt an athlete

Your support is essential in meeting the academic and athletic needs of our student-athletes.

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