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In the boardroom

Theresa BerendTheresa Berend (’01 BA)
Secretary, Alumni Association Board of Directors

Major: Double major in English and history.
Hometown: Born in Jackson, Mich., but grew up in Spring, Texas.
Lives in: Fort Worth.
Family: Husband, Charles Berend, and two four-legged children, a Jack Russell Terrier named Fergi and a cat named Abby.
Occupation: Second-year student at Texas Wesleyan University School of Law in Fort Worth.
UTA student involvement: Golden Key National Honor Society, Phi Alpha Theta (history honor society), president of Sigma Tau Delta (English honor society), Alpha Chi (honor society), president of the Liberal Arts Constituency Council, Student Congress and UTA HOSTS
Favorite professor: Dr. Emory Estes, English professor. This man is truly an incredible poet. He speaks with a great zest for life and has a real passion for learning. He encouraged me to achieve and conquer more than I would have ever hoped for before I met him. Others include Dr. Ruth V. Gross, Dr. Robert Ignagni, Dr. Victoria Farrar-Myers, Dr. Lauren Porter, Dr. Tim Morris and Dr. Donald Kyle.
Fondest UTA memory: While I was involved with the Liberal Arts Constituency Council, I had the privilege of being able to work with some incredibly determined and dedicated people who helped me create a need-based scholarship for a deserving liberal arts student. Eventually, we were able to put together a silent auction to raise enough money to grant the scholarship. The scholarship continues today and is awarded to a liberal arts student who needs financial support.
Hobbies: Reading, spending time with her husband, playing with her pets.
Why be involved with the Alumni Association: I believe a university grows in the community through the activities and advocacy of its alumni. By participating in the Alumni Association, I hope to one day give back to UTA what the teachers, staff, alumni and peers gave to me — a chance to become a distinguished individual.

Gina WacoGina Waco (’89 BA)
Vice President of Events, Alumni Association Board of Directors

Major: Advertising with a minor in marketing.
Hometown: Mansfield.
Lives in: Dallas.
Family: Husband, Marc Waco (’89 BSIE); children, Avery, 3, and Cate, 1.
Occupation: Mother, community board member for Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer, Hockaday Neighborhood Association, Preston Hollow ECPTA, UTA Alumni Association and member of the Dallas Junior League.
UTA student involvement: Delta Delta Delta sorority, peer counselor, rush counselor, AD3 advertising association.
Favorite professor: Dr. Allan Saxe, political science associate professor. Dr. Saxe’s enthusiasm is burned into my memory, though I have to say most of my knowledge of government today is compliments of the Discovery Channel and PBS. Dr. Saxe made government interesting to me, then and now, by encouraging me to get involved with local campaigns and governmental affairs.
Fondest UTA memory: So many good memories come to mind when I think back on my years at UTA. But, I have to admit the best and most important memory is meeting my husband, Marc. I should add that, as an undergraduate, I never imagined the number of extraordinary UTA friends who would be in my life all these years later.
Hobbies: Travel, playing and learning with Avery and Cate, volunteering in the community.
Why be involved with the Alumni Association: A good friend who works for UTA suggested I get involved, and it has been a wonderful experience. I can’t say enough about the great people, staff and volunteers who keep the Alumni Association running. I am truly proud to have the opportunity to be a part of this organization.

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