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Campus Buzz

The building blocks of progress
The Chemistry and Physics Building is the largest of several projects that are either in design or construction.
Search begins for next president
"Our goal will be to identify candidates who possess the same qualities of leadership, management skills, collaborative philosophy and academic reputation as President Witt."
Speaking the language of the streets
"It's not important that police officers know how to order a salad in Spanish. But it can be extremely important to be able to...comfort a crime victim...and to otherwise handle everyday situations."
Learning from afar
"I chose UTA because it is the only school that offers ESL," said Erik Steffen, who teaches English as a second language at the College of Micronesia.
Kalpana Chawla Hall
"The decision to name the hall after Kalpana Chawla is to honor a great alumna who gave her life to the world space program."
Gateway to good health
UTA's Healthy Beginnings program gives families extra education and support while identifying health needs.
Fab faculty
At play with Arthur Reyes
How does he integrate his modeling hobby, meditation and an academic career with a busy family life?
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