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With great students...great expectations

"Almost unheard of" is how Student Publications Director Lloyd Goodman describes the recent feats of Shorthorn reporter Matt Stiles.

Stiles, a senior journalism major, won a Texas Associated Press Managing Editors award and a Katie from the Dallas Press Club for his story about a drive-by shooting in the Corpus Christi area. These are the Oscars of the regional journalism world.


As alumni and friends, you can help UTA continue to attract quality students by filling out the referral form.

What makes the accomplishment more noteworthy is that Stiles, a student intern at the time, was competing against the top professionals in Texas and four other states. "These are major awards and are usually won by journalists with years of professional experience," Goodman noted.

Stiles is one of several students—all boasting their own success stories—featured in this issue of UTA Magazine.

Another is Julie Konas, who graduated in December after juggling school and a job while raising five children as a single mother. Then there's T.K. Dannelley, abandoned by his mother after developing polio as an infant, who became an All-America wheelchair basketball player on the national champion Movin' Mavs.

As you read about these and other exceptional students profiled in this issue, consider the impact you can make as an unofficial recruiter for the University. As alumni and friends, you are singularly qualified to tell the UTA story.

Take a moment to reflect on your association with the University. Remember the fun you had and the friendships you developed. Your former classmates are likely among your closest friends today. Recall the professors who made a difference. Think about the reasons that you donate a portion of your income to further UTA's mission.

Please complete our referral form that allows you to point a prospective student in UTA's direction.

With your help, the next Matt Stiles, Julie Konas and T.K. Dannelley will discover what you already know: Students can achieve great things at UTA.

–Mark Permenter, Editor


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