Feature Stories

The best & brightest
Outstanding students—they're every professor's dream, every researcher's necessity and every university's treasure. Some students excel in the classroom, acing exams, writing first-rate term papers and making exemplary presentations. Others shine in the laboratory as they work side-by-side with top scientific minds. Still others flourish outside the academic arena, making their marks as campus leaders. Then there are those students who triumph in the face of adversity, succeeding when few thought they could.

The storm before the calm
Refusing to panic, Honors College graduate Deborah Kiley survived five days adrift at sea while three of her yacht mates died. Now a motivational speaker, she imparts the wisdom she gained from the ordeal to others dealing with life-altering situations.

The Gates way to a college education
In fall 1999, software mogul Bill Gates set aside $1 billion to help reduce the financial barriers to a college education for minority students showing academic promise. Several of these Gates Millennium Scholars have chosen to pursue their education at UTA.


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