Spinning a new Website
Launched last fall, UTA's revamped home page offers dynamic content in an easy-to-use format

The upper links in the blue bar are organized by constituents. Find the group that most accurately reflects your status, click on it, and a screenful of pertinent information awaits. This area also includes a search feature and other popular Web tasks.


A new focus on dynamically updated news and events provides links to press releases, articles from campus publications like UTA Magazine and The Shorthorn and a calendar of campus events.

The gray links on the left are organized by information categories. For ease of use, you'll see many categories commonly found on other university sites.

Each time you reload the page, a different photograph highlighting a particular program, service or event appears.

The bottom section contains the University's address and telephone number and links to required legal notices. Inquiries sent to the e-mail link,, are forwarded to the Admissions Office.

For questions or comments about the new home page, contact the UTA Web Task Force at:


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