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Share Your Thoughts on Our Principles of Community

February 16, 2015


Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

The University of Texas at Arlington is diverse and innovative. We excel in all that we put our minds to, and we’re a first-choice institution. This is who we are, and this is who we aspire to be—the best of the best—setting standards that others will follow.

Underlying our success is a set of core values—cherished principles that serve as the heart and soul of our engagement with each other and the larger community we serve. These principles bring us together and ground us in our mission of research, teaching, and public service. In many ways, these are not listed or advertised, but they characterize the environment in which we work, communicate, and interact with each other.

As we move forward with our Strategic Plan, it is important that we clarify for ourselves, and for others, our expectations and the values that provide the foundation for the environment we cherish. Last fall, I appointed a task force of faculty, staff, and students to develop a set of overarching principles that would describe and define us. As a result of significant discussion, the group has drafted a powerful document—our Principles of Community.

Since these will represent us and guide us in future endeavors, the task force and I are seeking your input before these principles are finalized. I hope you will take a few minutes to read the Principles of Community draft on our Strategic Plan website and fill out the online comment/suggestion form by Friday, March 6.

In this, as in all other aspects of the work we do, your ideas and input are encouraged, and your participation is essential—now and always. The institution we continue to shape as the model, 21st century urban research university will be built by us together. The Principles of Community will serve as a constant reminder to us and others of what brings us together, enabling our unwavering commitment to access, the advancement of knowledge, and the pursuit of excellence.


Vistasp M. Karbhari

Vistasp M. Karbhari






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