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Office of the President, UTA



May 19, 2021

Dear Mavericks,

For my family, the COVID-19 vaccine meant my wife and I were able to meet our new granddaughter in person for the first time after nearly a year of sending our love from afar. Being fully vaccinated enabled us to gather safely—a luxury I will not take for granted again.

For the Maverick family, the promise of the COVID-19 vaccine means reuniting with friends and family, returning to campus for classes and new experiences, and resuming much of what we knew as normal life. That’s why we are making it as easy as possible for Mavericks to get the vaccine, with options both on and off campus.

The vaccine site hosted in UTA’s Physical Education Building is open to all students, faculty and staff—and their friends and families. This site offers the Pfizer vaccine, which is available to anyone 12 and older. Everyone can find more information and register through our COVID-19 Vaccination Information and Resources webpage.

I take pride in how our community has committed to doing its part to protect the health and safety of one another by adhering to safety protocols and nimbly adapting to new ways of living, working and learning. Public health experts advise all of us that the next step is vaccination, and I encourage all students and employees to do so if they’re able.

I look forward to experiencing our campus as it once was and will be again: teeming with Mavericks and filled with joy, discovery and spirit.


Teik C. Lim, Ph.D.
Interim President




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