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Randy Gideon

(’75 BS, Architecture) Architect

Randy Gideon

The revitalization of a major metropolitan area takes commitment to a strategic plan and a keen sense of purpose. Randy Gideon is well aware of this and has applied his knowledge and skills to help Fort Worth experience a renaissance of sorts.

After starting his career in the Mediterranean region, Gideon wanted to turn his attention to local civic projects. In the late '80s and early '90s, Gideon helped develop several master plans to attract businesses and residents to downtown Fort Worth. He was also influential in several key projects in Fort Worth, including the Police and Firefighters Memorial in Trinity Park and the Intermodal Transportation Center. All of Gideon's work has strategically elevated Fort Worth's reputation as a remarkable place to live, work, and study.

It all began with a love for drawing.

"Early on, I came to appreciate the art of drawing, and I still hand draw plans and renderings," he says. "The process and patience it takes to create a drawing that captures the subtleties of real life is something that I have always admired and respected."

The meticulous attention to detail that makes an exceptional drawing also helped Gideon begin to understand the intricacies of city zoning. It's part of the reason his career evolved from architecture to include urban planning.

Throughout this evolution, he developed a guiding principle to always give back to the community.

"I believe that a city's reputation is as strong as the integrity of its citizens, and [my business partner and I] wanted to give back so much that we had to watch our bottom line closely," he says. "I felt like it was our duty to give back whenever possible to make our community better."

Gideon has made a difference in Fort Worth, and he gives a portion of the credit to UTA.

"My architectural education at UTA was phenomenal," he says. "It set the foundation for my professional career."

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