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New Delhi, India

Following Mavericks as they travel the world

Photo of Taj Mahal


Kateleen Collins, 2017 nursing graduate

Kateleen in front of the Taj Mahal


Through a School for International Training course, "Traditional Medicine and Health Care Practices," which offered an exploration of lifestyles throughout Northern India.


"I had a personal interest in different perspectives of medicine and wanted to see how a spectrum of communities from urban cities to rural mountain regions incorporated health into their daily lifestyles. My goal was to learn about alternative lifestyles and broaden my definition of what it means to be healthy and how to achieve optimal health."

Lessons she took back home:

"When health is assessed from an all-encompassing perspective, it can lead to better individual health, as this individualized approach makes health maintenance a more practical part of everyday life. On a broader note, I learned that we are a very small part of a big, beautiful world, and we have so much to learn about ourselves and the world when we learn from people who live different lifestyles."

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