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Places on Campus You Didn't Know You Missed (And Some You Need To Get To Know)

If you haven’t visited UTA in a while, you’re missing out! The spaces you loved back then are still here—well, most of them, anyway—and campus growth has brought plenty of new places you may not have seen yet. Read on to revisit the campus, take a peek at future changes, and find ways you can engage with UTA today. Remember, our campus spans 420 acres, so we couldn’t possibly cover everything here! Come back for a visit soon and see it all for yourself.


The Planetarium

Best time to visit: Showtime!

One of the three largest in Texas, UTA's Planetarium features a 60-foot dome projection surface and a fully digital projection system with advanced software that can project stars, planets, galaxies, and virtually anything else onto the dome as it looks in the real sky. The Planetarium is available for field trips and offers a variety of shows for the public, including pre-recorded programs, live presentations, and Q&As with Planetarium astronomers. Check out the schedule.

traffic sign


Cooper street traffic?

"The best experiences I had at UTA were dodging traffic on Cooper Street. There were no bridges then!"
Larry Kemp
('80 BBA, Business Administration)

Rockclimbing at the Mac


The Mac

Best time to visit: Before the spare tire appears.

The Maverick Activities Center is a state-of-the-art recreation facility that opened in 2007. As an alumnus, you can keep your Maverick fitness level high by purchasing a membership card and working out whenever the MAC is open. Learn more.



Phone Home

"I have lots of memories at UTA, but one of the more out-of-the-ordinary ones was in the library phone booth. It was oddly gratifying to take a call during a study session and have an otherwise outdated piece of history still fulfill a purpose."
Joseph Clark
('13 BBA, Accounting)

Handing holding pen


Meet Cute

"The Writing Center holds many great memories for me. It was my first job. The atmosphere was very relaxed, yet I felt I helped out a lot of students. Best of all, I met my husband when he began working there as well. Fourteen years and three children later, I still think of it fondly."
Umma Ali
('99 BA, Psychology)


Central Library

Best time to visit: Finals week, so you can relish your post-college freedom.

There's just something about getting lost in stacks of books. If you haven't visited the Central Library in a while, you might be surprised at some of the changes. The entire first floor is now home to the FabLab and Einstein Bros. Bagels. On the sixth floor, Special Collections regularly hosts exhibitions that are open to the public. Alumni can visit the library between 7 a.m.-midnight, but an ID is required to gain entry.

College Park Center


College Park Center

Best time to visit: Basketball season.

College Park Center is UTA's special events arena. It's home to Maverick basketball and volleyball, and as of 2017, the WNBA Dallas Wings. If basketball's not your thing, the center hosts events throughout the year. Find the full schedule here.

The Green at College Park


The Green

Best time to visit: Lunchtime in spring.

The Green at College Park is a focal point of the City of Arlington's Center Street pedestrian trail. An urban oasis and green space, The Green features a large lawn, seating, native grasses and adaptive plants, and a dry creek bed that helps manage rainwater runoff.

Beer mugs


The Dry Gulch

Best time to visit: 1983 (Fire up your time machine!)

Once upon a time, a portion of the University Center basement was dedicated to a bar, the Dry Gulch. In accordance with the legal drinking age at the time, the Dry Gulch served students 18 and older. The bar hosted musical and comedy acts as well as student performances and parties. The bar closed in 1992, and the space is now occupied by Shorthorn offices.


Career Center

Best time to visit: When you're ready to take your career to the next level.

The new Lockheed Martin Career Development Center is a hub for students and alumni seeking jobs and the marketable skills today's employers require in the workforce. Learn more.

University Center


University Center

Best time to visit: At the first stomach rumble.

The E.H. Hereford University Center is not only home to the Food Court Plaza, but also the Connection Café, Starbucks, and a small food market that's changed names over the years. It's also got a post office, a bank, a ballroom, and a ton more.


Ransom Hall

Best time to visit: We don't recommend popping in here. But next time you're on campus, swing by for a photo op against some beautiful old architecture.

Constructed in 1919, W.A. Ransom Hall is the oldest building on campus. Back then, it was the administrative building for Grubbs Vocational College (one of UTA's previous names). Today, Ransom Hall is home to University College, a one-stop shop for academic advising and many other services that foster student success. Next time you're checking out a show at the Planetarium (a neighbor of Ransom Hall), be sure to have a look at this piece of UTA history.

traffic sign


Car Talk

"Well, the Business Building parking lot may not be my favorite spot, but it was certainly where I spent the most time! I always had 8 a.m. classes, and I would arrive by 6 a.m. and sit in the car to study. I used a flashlight to see the books and cassette tapes for my language classes."
Linda Dipert
('01 BA, Marketing)

Library Mall


Library Mall

Best time to visit: During the holidays.

Almost always bustling with activity, the Library Mall is one of the prettiest spots on campus. Come back for a visit in late November or throughout December to see the entire mall decked in its holiday best, with lights circling the trees and hanging from branches. Bring some hot chocolate and make it a fun family outing!

Architecture Courtyard



Best time to visit: Whenever you need a break.

The striking green tile entryway of the Architecture Courtyard opens onto an extended patch of vibrant grass, shaded, tree-lined benches, and a beautiful fountain. It's no wonder this has been a favorite study spot for generations of Mavericks.


Life Sciences

Best time to visit: Next time you're in the area and want to take a little detour.

This unassuming building looks out over the Library Mall and features a number of hidden gems, including a 30-foot-long snake skeleton, an assortment of other reptile specimens, and cozy couches perfect for students who want to catch a nap between classes or have a quick study session before a big exam.


Seir Building

If you've driven up Cooper lately, you've seen the steady progress of construction on the new Science & Engineering Innovation & Research Building, a $125 million development on the southern edge of UTA's campus. Opening in 2018, the SEIR Building will be the signature facility for life and health science research at UTA. The new building will feature state-of-the-art technology and advance research by using the modern concept of research lab neighborhoods to drive cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Each of the 12 research lab neighborhoods will accommodate multiple teams in a wide range of fields, from biology and bioengineering to computational research and nursing. From the outside, the building will provide a new, iconic southern entry to campus. Learn more about SEIR and its development.


New Digs

UTA has seen a surge of enrollment over the years, so the campus is growing to encompass it all. Construction is underway on a new parking garage, residence hall, dining hall, and student center on the west side of campus, all to be unveiled in 2018.

Texas Hall


Texas Hall

Best time to visit: The next Maverick Speakers Series.

Fun fact: The first performer ever to play Texas Hall was Louis Armstrong in 1965. Since then, it has hosted a number of legendary acts, like Neil Diamond, Aerosmith, Rihanna, and many, many more. Until 2012, before College Park Center opened, it even hosted Maverick basketball. Student-athletes called the stage home court and played their hearts out. Now, Texas Hall is back to its entertainment roots, and you can experience it by attending events like the Maverick Speakers Series.

Tennis ball


Tennis Courts

"One of my favorite places was the tennis facility. I played on those courts growing up and always got a thrill being there, playing or just visiting. So many hot days and warm nights spent on those courts!"
Norry Niven
('85 BA, Art/Film)

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