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Money Maven

Mission Possible

Alumna takes pride in her role as the financial steward of UTA’s mission

Kelly Davis

It can be easy for some of the 475 staff in Business Affairs, Information Technology, Analytics, and Information Security to feel somewhat removed from the frontline action of such a thriving university. The people staffing those areas don’t often have the opportunity to interact with students and faculty on a regular basis.

However, Chief Financial Officer Kelly Davis (’84), who oversees that staff, makes it her mission to ensure they know how critical they are to the University’s success.

“UTA does today what it did for me when I attended as an undergraduate,” Davis says. “The people who made that experience possible are just like the incredibly talented people who continue to find ways to keep this University accessible to all students by keeping costs affordable.”

From undergraduate to CFO, Davis has seen things change, but the one constant has been her admiration for a University that continues to lead the way. She reminds the employees in each of the departments that report to her how they make a difference.

“It is our mission to make UTA better,” Davis says. “If our teamwork creates a path for a current student to become the next CFO, I will know we have done our job well.”

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