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E.H. Hereford University Center

Newly renovated entrance

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The university center at UTA has long served as a primary entry point to campus. Now, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests who visit the E.H. Hereford University Center (UC) will be greeted by a newly renovated entrance, unveiled in late 2020. In total, the entrance adds 4,000 gross-square-feet to the University Center.

Part of ongoing campus-edge improvement projects, the new plaza creates a welcoming front door to campus and will become a popular location for student events.

“The goal was to develop the north side of the UC in order to create a signature entrance to a building that suffered from a lack of identity,” says Troy Yoder, director of institutional construction. “Since most of our big events that we have on campus involve the Bluebonnet Ballroom, it really is a premier location. The entrance to the building now lives up to its function.”

Gathering Place

The more open, airy entrance provides plenty of space and natural lighting to create an inviting area for student study sessions.

Coming and going

The new entrance also provides a greater ease of access, including a pedestrian walkway, a formal promenade, and a parking lot that extends to UTA Boulevard.

Front door details

The transformation includes a two-story glass entrance, limestone materials, and terrazzo flooring that complements recent additions to the building.

Blazing spirit

For an interior wall, local artist Brad Oldham created a textured sculpture of Blaze meant to evoke the energy and excitement of school spirit on campus.

Maverick stampede

Of course, the new entrance wouldn’t be complete without statues of horses, a tribute to UTA’s mascot. Horses also adorn either side of the front doors.

Student hub

As the heart of student activity at UTA, the UC is filled with students from morning to night. New tables and seating provide plenty of hang-out options.

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