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Shoring Up Supply Chains

Grant aids small businesses during the pandemic

Grant aids small businesses during the pandemic

UTA-based TMAC, the official representative of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) for the state of Texas, recently received $3.3 million in federal funding to help small- and medium-sized businesses respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The funding is part of a nationwide $50 million pool of money authorized by the CARES Act for COVID-19-related projects to MEP centers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

TMAC delivers hands-on business management, technology, and operations solutions to a wide range of businesses, with eight offices across Texas, including at UT Arlington.

“Many products are produced by foreign supply chains located outside the United States,” says Mark Sessumes, TMAC state executive director. “When supply chains are disrupted, it creates havoc on producing and providing products to U.S. consumers. Health-related products not only impact American lives, but also our economy, livelihoods, safety, and national security.”

The COVID funding allows TMAC to work with small- and medium-sized manufacturers to reshore supply chains and restore operations. It also funds TMAC to work with manufacturers who want to expand their capabilities and capacity to produce critical equipment and personal protective equipment to fill exponential demand now and in the future.

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