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The Green at College Park

The Green at College Park

The Green at College Park, located at 601 S. Pecan Street, is a focal point along the City of Arlington’s Center Street Pedestrian Trail. An urban oasis and green space for the University community, neighbors and downtown visitors, The Green features a large lawn, a curved stone wall that offers seating, paving materials made from recycled bottles that will allow water to permeate, native grasses, adaptive plants, and a dry creek bed that will help manage rainwater and storm water runoff that drains into Johnson Creek.

Sustainable Strategies Include:

  • Storm water management plan to improve run-off quality by reducing total suspended solids 80% and by creating a reduction in storm water quantity by 25% in volume from the two-year, 24-hour design storm.
  • Design storm water management to be a site amenity by creating a series of rain gardens to be enjoyed as a garden and teaching opportunity for the University.
  • Sculpting the land to function as a green sponge infiltrating storm water to be used by vegetation before overflowing off-site.
  • Use of recycled materials onsite including recycled glass pervious paving, concrete amended with fly ash, crushed concrete for base material and site amenities which contain post consumer recycled metal.
  • Reduction of heat islands by utilizing shade and paving materials with an SRI value of 29 or greater.
  • Planting plan that creates more than 50% wildlife habitat and utilizes more than 75% plants native to North Central Texas.
  • Creation of a butterfly and hummingbird corridor / garden.
  • Participate in the Sustainable Sites Pilot Program.
  • In conjunction with an adjacent project, College Park Special Events Center, this project is seeking LEED Gold Certification through New Construction Version 2.2.
  • Advanced irrigation technologies that include a smart controller, which relies on a weather station and evapo-transpiration rates to determine irrigation scheduling and times. In direct result of this project the university decided to upgrade the entire campus with the recommended central control system, with the long-term goal of water conservation.
  • Reduction of potable water use by 76%.


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