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Food For Thought

All sessions are free and are on Wednesdays from noon - 1 p.m. and held in the MAC. You’re welcome to bring a lunch and enjoy each class on its own or attend as many as you would like. 

Date: Wednesday, September 9th 2015

Time: 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

Location: MAC 213 (Upstairs Classroom)

Presentation Title:  “Exercise Frequency and Intensity: Is the Bro-science really Science?”

Presentation Description:  Come learn what research has to say about proper exercise programming and how to program effectively to fit your goals. This presentation will challenge you to think outside the box and make you question whether or not you are getting the most out of your workout.  We will touch on topics such as beginner, novice, and elite training frequency, comparing resistance training for different genders, the effect that intensity can have from a physiological standpoint, how to schedule training for the busy working individual, as well as other topics. Come out and enjoy a fun and informative presentation that will shed light on to what the science truly has to say about exercise.

Presenter Bio: Rodney Caffey is a certified NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist, USA Olympic Sports Performance Coach, and an AFAA personal trainer at the Mavericks Activities Center. He has completed his Bachelors of Behavioral Science in Exercise Science and is currently pursuing his Masters of Science in Athletic Training. He has experience working with multiple NFL, MLB, Olympic, Division I, II, and III collegiate athletes, as well as high school, youth, and the geriatric population. He has worked in sports performance centers, collegiate strength and conditioning, and hospital based clinical wellness centers. Rodney has been training for over five years and is familiar with many training methods ranging from circuit training, TRX, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and increasing sport-specific performance. He also has experience in sports medicine and orthopedics to handle conditions such as muscle strains, arthritis, joint pains, tendinitis, obesity, pacemakers, low flexibility, back pains, and more. Rodney believes that everyone can benefit from fitness no matter what age or condition they might have. Exercise truly is the fountain of youth and can help people achieve something that they never thought would be possible.


Date: Wednesday, October 7th 2015

Time: 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

Location: MAC 213 (Upstairs Classroom)

Presentation Title: “Finding and Keeping YOUR BIG “MO”!: Real and Sustainable Ways to Feel Better, Live Better, and Become a Happier and Healthier Person”

Presentation Description: WHY? WHY? WHY? Why do we fail to stick to healthy nutrition plans? Why do we exercise for a few weeks and then start to make excuses? Why do we continue to do the things that we know are not healthy? Why do we fail at self-management?

As a society, we Americans are really good at making “new” resolutions, “fresh” starts and “turning over a new leaf”.  But, throw in a little stress, or a hectic lifestyle and it is easy to revert back to old habits and find ourselves back on the couch again!

This interactive session will explore highlights of the book NO SWEAT: How the Simple Science of Motivation can Bring you a Lifetime of Fitness. Join this positive high-energy session and take a look at your “Big Mo”….are you intrinsically motivated?  If so, come share your success with others.  If not, come GET motivated and learn how to STAY motivated and make your exercise fun, productive and easy to fit into your lifestyle! 

 Source:  Segar, M. L. (2015). No sweat: How the simple science of motivation can bring you a lifetime of fitness.

Presenter Bio: Becky Garner, DrPH candidate, CPH is a member of The University of Texas at Arlington Department of Kinesiology and is completing a doctoral degree in public health at The University of North Texas Health Science Center where she worked as a research assistant in the Better Me Within diabetes prevention program, an NIH-funded project (Grant P20MD006882).

Date: Wednesday, November 4th 2015

Time: 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

Location: MAC 213 (Upstairs Classroom)

Presentation Title:  Pre- and Post- Workout Fueling- What to eat before and after you exercise.

Presentation Description: Come learn how to eat properly to fuel you through your workouts as well as promote optimal recovery afterwards. When you are under-fueled, you can expect a poor return on your training efforts and a high risk of colds and other illnesses. Busy schedules and demanding workouts can cause a balancing-act between eating enough and getting the proper kind of nutrition. We will discuss strategies to optimize your performance, recovery and give general recommendations on what to eat before, during and after training sessions.

Presenter Bio: Allison Dominguez MS, RD, LD is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian who provides nutrition counseling for students, faculty and staff through the Department of Campus Recreation at the MAC.   With over 4 years of experience, Allison has worked in a wide variety of settings and supported many different types of clients. She has helped people manage chronic illnesses, build strength and muscle, as well as lose weight.  Her objective is to help clients become the best version of themselves nutritionally.