Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Trainers create safe, effective and efficient exercise programs. Each session consists of approximately one hour of exercise prescription/programming based on each client’s individual needs and goals.

Expert guidance is available for:

  • General Health and Wellbeing
  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Muscular Strength & Endurance
  • Hypertrophy (muscle size)
  • Power & Speed Improvements
  • Sports Specific & Functional Training
  • Physique Enhancement
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Weight Management & Fat Loss


  • Initial Consultations* & Single Sessions = $35
  • Three (3) Session Package or Program Design Only** = $100 ($33/session)
  • Six (6) Session Package = $180 ($30/session)
  • Twelve (12) Session Package = $300 ($25/session)

*An Initial Consultation is a prerequisite for hiring a trainer. These include our full Fitness Assessment and includes time with your trainer to establish rapport, set goals, and develop a training schedule and plan. If purchasing a training package, the first session may be used toward your Initial Consultation.

**Program Design is available in 4-weeks blocks for those who would like written exercise prescription to follow on their own. A three (3) session package is required. The first session will serve as your Initial Consultation. The other two will be used to walk you through the programming before releasing you to complete the program on your own.

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Meet Our Trainers

Stephen Jennings cooly posing in a superman pose in front of a UTA backdrop

Stephen Jennings

Available: M 11a.m. - 2p.m., 4p.m. - 6p.m.; T 10a.m. - 8p.m.; W 4p.m. - 6p.m.; Th 10a.m. - 8p.m.; F 10a.m. - 8p.m.; Saturday 8a.m. - 8p.m.; NASM Certified. I am pursuing a degree in accounting. Since I was young, I have been involved in a variety of sports and later the military. These actives taught me how to work as a team and listen. As I grew, so did my knowledge and passion for living a healthy lifestyle and passing on my knowledge. My goal for my clients is to instill in them that “action creates motivation.”

Kyle Moody in a blue dryfit shirt smiling in front of a UTA backdrop

Kyle Moody

Available: MWF 7a.m. - 9:30a.m. & 11a.m. - 12:30p.m.; TTh 7a.m. - 9a.m.; ACE Certified. Currently, I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in exercise science. I have always had a passion for learning about fitness and using that knowledge to help others grow, which is what led me to become a personal trainer. My area of expertise is in weight training. I believe in doing things properly, which means setting up a solid foundation and using correct form. My goal is not only to help my clients along their fitness journey but also to give them the tools they need to continue their journeys.


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For more information or questions regarding the Nutrition Consultation program, please contact Jeremy Roden, Assistant Director, Wellness.

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