Nutrition Services

One-on-one nutrition counseling with a registered, licensed dietitian is available for the following:

  • Weight management
  • Weight/fat loss
  • Weight/muscle gain
  • Sports nutrition
  • Medical nutrition therapy
  • Skin nutrition
  • Eating disorders/disordered eating
  • Wellness/preventive nutrition
  • Basic nutrition education

Nutrition Consultation = $25.00

A two-session minimum (1 initial + 1 follow-up) is required. Additional sessions are available as needed; and as agreed upon by the client and dietitian.

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Fall 2022: Change Your Lifestyle Course

Have you tried to become healthy in the past but continued to fail to reach your goal? Perhaps you have tried different crash diets to find that once you get off them you gain the weight back. Or maybe you are afraid of eating certain foods because you feel it will sabotage your diet. You are not alone. Many people struggle with knowing the best way to reach their health goals. This course is designed to not only help you make lifestyle changes that will stick but also heal your relationship with food and your body image. If you are tired of the diet and nutrition roller coaster, then this course is for you. Sign up today!

This is a 10-week in person nutrition course taught by Stacie Ellis, MS, RDN, LD

Location: MAC 213 (upstairs classroom)

Dates: Thursdays, 12 pm – 1 pm, September 15th – November 17th

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Stacie Ellis

Meet Stacie

Stacie Ellis, MS, RDN, LD, is the Registered Dietitian at the University of Texas at Arlington, where she provides nutrition consultations and education for the students and staff on campus. Stacie served as a consulting dietitian for a number of companies including Wellness Concepts, Health Fairs Direct, In House Physicians, Vitafive, Just Train (a celebrity personal trainer), and with Honeymoon Body (a vendor for Brides of North Texas). She has been interviewed for number of publications including Women’s Health Magazine and Texas Metro News. She is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Nutrition with a minor in Kinesiology at Texas Woman's University. Her dissertation involves comparing a high carbohydrate low fat diet to a low carbohydrate high fat diet on performance in dancers. Stacie also completed the Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management Program on June 4-6, 2015.


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For more information or questions regarding the Nutrition Consultation program, please contact Jeremy Roden, Assistant Director, Wellness.

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