Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs

All currently active sport clubs can be found under the Recreational/Sports category of the Mav Orgs website. Log in to find Sport Clubs and other student organizations who meet your interests.

Sport Club Handbook

Although the officers of a Sport Club are responsible for the day-to day operations of their club, it is important for all members to know what expectations their club must meet. It is also important that they know the risks that typically affect Sport Clubs so they can avoid them.

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Sport Club Forms

There is a great deal of administrative paperwork required of a Sport Club. The following forms are available for use by club officers and members to ensure that their club is successful.


Coach's Application

*This packet must be completed and turned in to the Assistant Director for approval each year. Please allow 5 business days for processing of the criminal background check.


**Individual waivers for each trip must be completed by all travelers prior to departure and will be generated and distributed to officers after the completion of this form electronically.

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