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Trainer Bios

Rodney Caffey

Hometown: DeSoto, TX

Credentials/Certification: United States Olympic Weightlifting Committee Sports Performance Coach Level 1

Major(s)/Degree(s): Undergraduate: Hardin-Simmons University- Kinesiology Exercise Science
Graduate (in progress): Masters of Science in Athletic Training

Experience/Expertise: Official training experience: 5 years.  Worked with/trained collegiate, Olympic, professional, high school, middle school athletes.  I have also worked with the elderly population as well and have a strong background in strength and conditioning. 

Philosophy: Fitness has played such an amazing role in my life.  From everyday health to playing collegiate sports, it is something I have truly fell in love with.  I believe that everyone can benefit from fitness and exercise, whether you have never worked out in your life or have worked out for as long as you can remember, each person can benefit in their own way.  I also believe that fitness and exercise should be fun and enjoyable.  It should be what you look forward to every day!  It should not be a burden or something you just want to get out of the way.  Each person is different and I believe that you should train each person to their specific individualistic needs.  I want everyone to be healthy and fit but I also want to keep that idea of keeping exercise fun and enjoyable as well.  Push yourself to be better than you were yesterday but keep looking forward to what tomorrow has in store.

Hobbies/Interests: Hunting, Fishing, working out (self-training), sports (mainly football), volunteering with youth, anything out doors and competitive. 

Joseph manuel

Hometown: Beaumont, TX

Credentials/Certification: ACE (Personal Training), DSW (Kinetic Anatomy &Winning Sports Nutrition), AMFPT (Personal Training & Sports Nutrition)

Major(s)/Degree(s): Geoinformatics- the study of Geology, Computer Science and Geographic Information Systems

Experience/Expertise: Over 20 years experience as a trainer/nutritionist and almost 40 years bodybuilding. Worked 10 years at a hospital-based wellness center working with people living with HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases, taking up where their doctors left off and teaching them the importance of exercise and nutrition for conquering their illness and overcoming the side effects of medication.

Philosophy: My goal is to give people the tools they need to achieve the greatest quality of life for as long as possible through a combination of strength, endurance, and flexibility, while teaching them the importance of eating clean, balanced nutrition. I have what could best be described as a fundamentalist approach toward training, in that I break the body into nine individual muscle groups and target each group specifically. Whether the goal is weight loss, toning, endurance or all out muscle building I believe that specifically targeting each of these areas on a weekly basis yields the greatest return for the least amount of work.

Hobbies/Interests: Martial Arts, Music, and Technology. I have a passion for music and teach jazz piano, jazz guitar, music theory, and music production.

Joseph Nguyen

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Credentials/Certification: AFAA-CPT, American Heart Association CPR/AED

Major(s)/Degree(s): Bachelors of Exercise Science (B.S)

Experience/Expertise: Familiar with circuit training, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and increasing sports performance. Previously worked in physical therapy out-patient setting, so carry some knowledge of corrective exercises and strengthening techniques. Have worked with clients that have conditions such as obesity, arthritis, and pacemaker to athletes. Currently a member of NSCA since January 2014, and begun training people since March 2014.

Philosophy: We all have different lives, bodies, personalities, and obstacles to overcome; but we all share one thing in common. We all have the ability to improve ourselves SOMEWAY, SOMEHOW. We all have the ability to change. That's the beauty about being human. We all have the ability to Adapt. The ability to become better than the person yesterday. 

Hobbies/Interests:  Buying workout equipment. Learning more about the human body and various ways to train, nourish, and test it. Having thoughtful conversations with others about health and fitness. Eating. Working out. Relaxing.

Tiffany Sheffield

Hometown: Killeen, Texas

Credentials/Certification:CPT-ACSM, CPR/AED - American Red Cross, Basic Water Rescue - American Red Cross

Major(s)/Degree(s): Bachelors in Pre-Physical Therapy - Texas State University, Masters of Healthcare Administration - UTA (in-progress)

Experience/Expertise: Background in Physical Therapy as an outpatient tech as well as volunteer work in acute care and home health PT clinics.
Extensive knowledge in preventative health care and exercise prescription, as well as human anatomy and physiology.
Great at developing work out routines that are sport specific or general fitness.

Philosophy: Be the fit that makes you happy, not what looks good on someone else! If you aren't happy with the fit you become then you won't maintain it. 

Hobbies/Interests:  I love cooking and trying new healthy alternatives! Running and creating new and unique exercises. 

Kevie Tennant

Hometown: Collinston, Louisiana

Credentials/Certification:Issa Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Fitour Certified Group Exercise Instructor, American Heart Association CPR AED, State of Texas Notary Public Commission

Major(s)/Degree(s): Accounting Associates Degree

Experience/Expertise: Body Sculpting, Boot Camps, Strength & Endurance, Power Lifting, Water Aerobics, and Cycling

Philosophy: Becoming a stronger, healthier, and better you, with determination and hard work. It's never too late to change.

Hobbies/Interests:  Working out, traveling