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An Urban Oasis Downtown An Urban Oasis Downtown

The Green at College Park is an inviting 4.62-acre space for students, neighbors, and friends to gather and relax. Located just to the south of College Park Center, it has a large lawn, native grasses, adaptive plants, and a curved stone wall that offers seating. It connects to the city’s Center Street Trail system, which provides vehicular, pedestrian, and bike access to nearby points of interest, including the University, downtown Arlington, Levitt Pavilion, and more.

Constructed with sustainability in mind, the Green is one of the first projects in the world to be certified according to the rigorous benchmarks of the Sustainable Sites Initiative™, a rating system for sustainable design in landscape and site development. Some of the park’s environmentally friendly features include paving materials made from recycled bottles that allow water to permeate, large shade structures made from recycled metal, and a dry creek bed that helps manage rainwater and storm water before it drains into flood-prone Johnson Creek.

The Green at College Park was designed by Schrickel, Rollins, and Associates of Arlington and was funded almost entirely through a grant from the North Central Texas Council of Governments.