Comm Faculty featured

Posted 11-16-2012 by Barrie Hill

Department of Communication faculty have been featured in the media in recent weeks.


Department of Communication lecturer Geoff Campbell mused about turning 50 in a Nov. 4 op-ed in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. He said the only thing he wanted for his birthday was not to have a party.


"I always wanted to live the kind of life that would give me great memories, to have 'fragments I have shored against my ruins,' to take T.S. Eliot out of context," Campbell wrote. "And that's what I have, along with a singular hope of building more. I'm turning 50, an age the commercials tell us is an age of getting things done. As long as those things don't include a party, that's precisely what I intend to do."


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 The big media story emerging from President Obama’s reelection is the fact that so many on the right were so stunned by the results, The Christian Science Monitor reported in a story that featured Mark Tremayne, assistant professor at UT Arlington. Tremayne said this selective perception of the race was driven in part by an unprecedented explosion of polling this cycle. Many of these polls were conducted by the campaigns themselves, he points out. Tremayne was also interviewed about the election by WCRX/88.1 FM


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