PR prof hosts media workshop

Posted 9-24-2013 by Barrie Hill

By Shonna Johnstone

Media Intern


Thirty-six UTA student athletes attended a Media Training Workshop conducted by Assistant Professor Shelley Wigley on Sept. 11.


“The students learned what types of questions reporters often ask and how to respond to them in the best possible way,” Wigley said.


During the workshop, students learned to never answer hypothetical questions or to speculate on what they think might happen in certain situations. They also learned to avoid saying “no comment” and to look at the cameras, not the reporters when answering questions. The students were taught to always answer the reporter’s question but to link answers back to the message they want to get across.


Following the workshop, the student athletes participated in mock interviews inside the UTA TV Studio in front of cameras.


“Overall the student athletes did a nice job when we went into the studio,” Wigley said.


Wigley said news training for athletes is important because they are often interviewed by members of the media.


“It is important that they present themselves, their team and the university in the best possible light,” Wigley said.


Wigley will be meeting with UTA Athletics to discuss doing more media training workshops in the future, especially for incoming freshmen athletes.