Department faculty joined a Professional Learning Community this fall as part of the university’s effort to incorporate teamwork in the classroom.

A Professional Learning Community is a group of UTA professors who focus on integrating teamwork into their classroom. This group was founded by Dr. Erika Pribanic-Smith in 2016.

Assistant Professor Roger Gans, advertising; Assistant Professor Monica Zhan, communication studies; and Lecturer Ladonna Aiken, broadcast communication joined the community this fall. Adjunct Professor Melanie Mason facilitates the group.

“I believe students should have an opportunity to collaborate together,” Gans said. “In my teaching experiences in the past, students who work together learn better.”

“I’m excited to learn new ways to work in teams, because it’s expected for students to learn to work together,” Aiken said.

Aiken said she is most excited about learning new assessments for students.

The PLC first met Sept. 14.