Broadcast Major Scores Big At Conference

Posted 12-7-2018 by Brian Horton

Sports broadcasting senior Cory Mose won Best Sports Package for his profile piece, The Phil Childs Story, on Oct. 19 from South Central Broadcasting Society.

Mose’s piece focuses on Childs, a sophomore walk-on for UTA’s Men’s Baseball and his journey that led to the outfield.

“We had a deadline for UTA News, and so it just took me a week to get everything all situated,” Mose said.

Inspiration for broadcasting started early for Mose, from watching Texas football and wanting to be the person sitting at the desk for SportsCenter. A weekly newscast gig as a high school sports reporter eventually led him to his current position with UTA News.

“That kind of got me my first start in what it looks like to be a sports reporter, and I loved it,” Mose said. “So, ever since then I’ve just been trying to perfect my craft, making stories like the one I had an award on.”

There is no time for Mose to dwell on this award as he looks to gain further experience in his field. When starting off, taking criticism and allowing others to look at your work helps to see errors anyone can be blind to. It is most important, Mose said. For more information on his award and featured profile visit, .