Nicholson interviews noted Alum

Posted 9-30-2011 by Barrie Hill

Broadcast major Christine Nicholson got the opportunity to interview UTA Alum Dominic Bracco II for UTA Radio the day before the noted photojournalist returned to his alma mater for a special presentation.

Bracco discussed his work documenting the effects of Mexican and North American policies on the border region where he was raised. His talk, "The Lost Generation: Globalization, Youth Culture and Violence in Ciudad Juarez," was held in the UT Arlington Central Library Sept. 28. This event is part of a fall 2011 "The War Next Door: Narco-Violence and the U.S. Mexico Border" series tied to the "Life and Death in the Northern Pass" exhibit in the UT Arlington Central Library sixth floor parlor.

Bracco, a 2008 Department of Communication grad, has documented the horrors of Mexico's drug war through evocative images of violence and its aftermath, of grieving families and tender scenes of day-to-day urban life. His photos are the heart of a new exhibit, "Life and Death in The Northern Pass," which runs through Jan. 14 in the Central Library's Sixth Floor Parlor.

"What an honor to interview such a bright, insightful and talented photojournalist,” says Nicholson. “Bracco has done an incredible job shedding light on the tragic reality of narco-violence. Some may feel the photos are graphic but I feel it’s definitely not gratuitous but rather poignant, brave and important for all of us to see. The fact that he's a UTA alum makes me that much more proud to be a Maverick."

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