Working World: Alexis Spears

Posted 4-29-2011 by

Alexis Spears, a Fall 2010 Broadcast graduate, is working as a reporter for WOAY, an ABC affiliate serving Beckley, Bluefield and Oak Hill, W. Va. Alexis serves as night-side reporter and the station's only Saturday reporter.

"I am responsible for coming up with at least four stories on Saturdays," Alexis said. "I am enjoying getting to tell the stories to an actual audience who looks to you for that information on a daily basis, as I have at least one story on each day."

Alexis says she enjoys communicating with current UTA students on Facebook. The students are often seeking advice on how to land that first job after graduation. "It's very neat that I'm now on the other side and can provide that advice," Alexis said. "I was speaking to a former classmate who is also working now as a reporter, and we agree that it is cool to be of help to others because we were just in that position."