Advertising students making mark

Posted 10-11-2011 by Barrie Hill

Students in ADVT 3306 -- Strategic Communication II are looking to make their mark on the UTA campus -- or rather, to leave their clients' marks everywhere.

This semester, the students are working with both the Women's and Gender Studies Program and the Center for K-16 Educational Policy & Research on branding projects. The students produced detailed copy strategies, and from those, developed logo designs, print ads, pamphlets, newsletters and website designs. Students then presented their work to Dr. Desiree Henderson, acting director of the Women's and Gender Studies Program, and Dr. Ryan Gildersleeve, director of the KEPR center.

“The students expressed hope that positive buzz from their work will lead to additional clients,” said Geoff Campbell, lecturer. “Until then, Agency 3306 expects to continue growing in sophistication and skill.”