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Accommodation Letters Request

Accommodation letters are now available online through secure log in.

To retrieve your accommodation letters, simply log into MyMav, go to your Student Center, and select “Retrieve Accommodation Letter.”
(Only students who are registered with the Office for Students with Disabilities will be able to view the Retrieve Accommodation Letter link).

All classes that you are enrolled in will be visible.
Select the class(es) you wish to retrieve letters for and choose either “Print Accommodation Letter” or “Email Letter To Self”. 
The accommodation letters will populate and download.
You will be able to print them one at a time, or email them to yourself all at once.
If you email them to yourself, they will appear in your Mav Mail inbox where you can then print them later or forward each letter to the instructor(s) in that class.
Be sure to include a personal note in the body of the email introducing yourself and elaborating on any specific needs you may have in the classroom.

NOTE: Students who need adaptive furniture placed in their classroom will still need to contact their OSD counselor for assistance. Students who need Sign Language and CART services will need to contact their OSD counselor or submit their request for Sign Language/CART services

As always, no accommodations are in effect until you provide your professor with your letter of accommodation from our office, nor are they required to provide any accommodations retroactively.
OSD strongly encourages students to retrieve and deliver accommodation letters to their faculty members every semester during the first week of classes.

Retrieving Your Letters

Should you have any difficulty in accessing or printing your accommodation letters, please contact OSD and we will assist you.

Room 102 University Hall

(817) 272-3364