Alternative Testing Center

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The Alternative Testing Center

The Alternative Testing Center (ATC) provides services to students who are registered through the Student Access & Resource Center (SAR Center). If you have registered with the SAR Center and are deemed eligible for accommodated testing you may take your exams in the ATC. For questions regarding scheduling exams at the ATC, please email us.

Alternative Testing Procedures

Scheduling per semester

Please schedule your exams for the whole semester via your SAR Center online Student Profile.

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Advance Notice

Semester exams must be scheduled 3 business days in advance. Final Exams must be scheduled two weeks prior to the last day of classes (not including finals week). Make-up exams must be scheduled 4 business days in advance. Quizzes require 1 business day in advance notice.

Class time

Exams will be administered as close to the class test date/time as possible with some flexibility due to scheduling or accommodation requirements.

Arrive on time

You are expected to arrive at the designated testing time. More than 15-minute late arrival will require rescheduling. THE SAR CENTER WILL NOT RE-SCHEDULE AN EXAM WITHOUT PROFESSOR'S WRITTEN APPROVAL.

Professors sending exams

Professors will send exams to the SAR Center at least three days prior to the exam date so that format adjustments, scribes or other adaptive equipment can be provided to stay in compliance with ADA supported accommodations. If exams are not received in time to efficiently provide the accommodation, the SAR Center will schedule the exam as needed to remain in compliance.

electronic copy

Professors can now upload exams via the link provided in the Alternative Testing Agreement received in the students Faculty Notification Letter (FNL). An electronic copy of the exam in a .doc format needs to be provided so that any necessary adjustments may be made to meet accommodation requirements.

Final exams

Final Exams must be scheduled two weeks prior to the last day of classes (not including finals week).


Once you have submitted your request, you and your instructor will receive an e-mail notifying the scheduling status.

Accommodations may include

<ul style="margin-left: 40px;"> <li style="text-align: justify;"> Extended time </li> <li style="text-align: justify;">Quieter, separate location </li> <li style="text-align: justify;">Enlarged...

Accommodations may include

  • Extended time
  • Quieter, separate location
  • Enlarged font
  • Use of adaptive equipment