Career & Internship Opportunities

Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP)

The Workforce Recruitment Program is an annual event, which is the result of a joint effort between the Student Access & Resource Center and the Office of Career Services. Each year, when application materials become available, the SAR Center will notify students registered with our office, via email. You can then contact our office for an application packet. Instructions for completion and submission are then disseminated. Career Services personnel will provide resume critiquing and interview preparation at no cost to you.

The program works by finding qualified college students with disabilities through offices like ours, and then inviting them to interview with the WRP recruiter who will be coming to the campus on a scheduled day each year. If the you are selected by the recruiter to be part of the program, your resume will be placed in a data base which will then be seen by hundreds of potential government and private sector employers for a period of one year. The employers will then contact you directly to set up an interview for possible jobs and/or internships. Interview slots may be reserved only by UTA students, and recent graduates.

Again, the WRP takes place each year, and notice will be given via email to students registered with the SAR Center. For more information contact the SAR Center at 817-272-3364.